We’re an established, family-owned agency committed to property management for the long haul.
Here are 10 other reasons to choose us as your property managers…

Your Property Manager Really Knows Your Property.
You have one point of contact by your assigned property manager.  They do open homes through to bond inspections – it is their job to know your property inside/out and get to know your tenants too. In fact, getting to know tenants when they do a property inspection is a great first interview for any potential tenant – we make note of type of car, how the tenant presents themselves, how respectful they are, how children behave in the home and how prompt they were…

Manager Availability
We pride ourselves on being available when you need us.

No surprise fees!
Our fee structure is all inclusive and we don’t charge extra for the end of financial year tax statement – that’s free of charge whilst we manage property.

Strict on our Rental Arrears
We collect rent via Direct Debit to ensure ease of payment for tenant. We check daily and follow up immediately with any tenant as soon as they are 1 day in arrears.

Consistent Inspections
We conduct 4 inspections per year as part of our Management fee. That includes doing a 4 week inspection after the tenant first moves in to ensure they’re settling in well and looking after your property.

We use Modern Technology
Initiatives such as our Online booking system allows potential tenants to book a viewing of your home 24/7, minimising vacancy rates. It also allows us to provide you with instantaneous feedback from the open home via email and/or SMS.

A Member of TICA
TICA is a national tenancy database for bad tenants. We’re one of three agencies in Launceston that are a member, allowing us to screen any applicants from interstate that may have lied/omitted information on their rental application and have actually caused damage or not paid rent at a previous rental. This adds to our already careful tenant selection which means we’ve only ever been to court twice in 80 years to evict a tenant! Also we don’t charge you extra to represent you in court like some agents do.

Smaller Portfolio Sizes
Our property managers care for approx. 170 properties with the support of an assistant – some larger companies have over 250 properties per PM.

We Guarantee our Service
This means if you’re not happy with us, you can cancel our Management agreement without penalty.

If you want to move from another agency, we’ll even look after that for you too free of charge!

Weekly Training
This ensures our PMs are knowledgeable and current with all legislation to provide you with the best advice in the industry.

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