The property market rises in 7-10 year cycles

Most things in life run in cycles, including the property market, however, there isn’t just one market.

Different areas and locations can run in different cycles and can easily vary from the 7-10 years that many investors follow.

Some investors are told that real estate is a safe investment because
property prices will always rise. But there are no guarantees.

The property booms in the mining towns are a classic example of this where many investors are now faced with a dramatic downturn in their

Whether or not your assets will increase significantly in value depends
entirely on your property, its location and its individual attributes.
The fact is, not all properties are created equal.

When purchasing investment properties don’t get caught up in myths –
ALWAYS do your research.

• Does it have the features that tenants are looking for?
• How easy is the property to maintain?
• How does the property compare to other properties on the market?
• How does the property compare to properties that have recently sold?
• The asking price and the sale price can be vastly different.
• What is the return on the investment?

When purchasing property we recommend that you speak to as many professional experts as possible to seek information and knowledge.

I am always happy to provide you with expert knowledge on what features tenants are looking for in a rental property.

Please call me for an obligation free rental appraisal and discussion about the property you are interested in – PH 0458 739 106.